Thursday, January 02, 2014

Your wingman for 2014

“There is hope for your future," declares the LORD (Jeremiah 31:17).

One definition of insanity is this: doing the same thing over and over again, hoping for a different outcome than what has happened every time before. As you embark on a new year, you will face a whole lot of familiar challenges.  Keeping a lid on your temper.  Figuring out who you can trust.  Finding the courage to deal with things that scare you.  Resisting the urge to buy things that you don’t really need.  2014 will give you plenty of opportunities to repeat the mistakes of 2013. 

Why don’t we learn from the past?  Why do we keep rehashing the kind of behavior that always results in frustration, pain and loss? How many abusive men does it take before a woman tries dating an uncomplicated nice guy?  How much money does a gambler have to lose at the casino before he looks for entertainment in a different type of setting?  How often do you have to tackle a problem on your own and fail because you didn’t want to accept anyone’s help?  Why don’t we change things up, take a chance on a new way of approaching life?

We are weak, flawed, damaged inside. Our minds have dark corners we don’t want to examine too closely, twisted thoughts and corrupt desires that exert influence over what we say and do.  And we are creatures of habit—trying new things is more often scary than it is exhilarating. Trying a new approach might look hard and unappealing. Going at things a different way might seem foolish because we can’t see the benefit. We resist changing our ways, even when our habits are dysfunctional, because there is comfort in the familiar.

This bright new year will quickly tarnish unless you are willing to leave insanity behind and try new ways of doing things, ways that can yield different results from what you’re used to.  To make this happen, you need a wingman, someone to have your back, keep you honest, encourage and support you.  There is no better wingman than Jesus.  He teaches ways to deal with life that yield positive results.  He calls you on your dumb decisions, He forgives your backsliding, you gives you the strength, patience and courage needed to abandon ways that just don’t work.  Jesus is waiting to meet you in church and in the pages of the Bible. He wants to replace the insanity of the past with a future that works well and makes good sense. He wants to give you a Happy New Year.

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